Perming at MTB hair salon, Poole

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Read any hair trend report for the next year or two and it's all about the perm, but fear not: the perm or permanent waves has come a long way since the tight curly perms of the 1980's.

We use the latest generation perms to create  soft curls which look natural and healthy, the 'beachy' waves you see on the red carpet or simply to add volume to hair that is fine or flat.

At MTB our experienced technicians are highly trained to deliver a wide range of hairstyles with curls, lift and volume.

If you are looking for a long-lasting curly hairstyle your options include:

■  Weave Wind which involves perming sections of the hair and leaving other sections straight to give you a mixture of texture and natural lift and body rather than curls.
■  Root Perm which is perfect for flat or fine hair and particularly effective on short hair.  This lifts the roots rather than making the hair look curly.
■  Body Perm which is set on large curlers or rollers to give you soft, loose waves.
■  Spiral Perm which creates spiral curls which makes your hair look thicker.

Come and talk to us about the look you want to achieve and we can discuss the options to give you the perfect textured hairstyle for you.

Permanent Wave Prices

All our services are charged based on the skills, training and experience of the technician. With perms we also have to take into account the length and condition of your hair. 

Our perming rates are from £75 for short hair and £100 for long hair

We're a safety first salon, so you will need to come in for a complimentary consultation before we can book you in for your perm. Call 01202 722362 now.